March 2017

Sage Lymph Care Method In Victoria

Time and Date:
Sat, 1-3pm (12:30-1:00 mingling time)
March 18th and 25th

Private residential house, Victoria, BC
Exact address will be sent after completing registration.

March 18th : Upper Body
March 25th :  Lower Body

This method is established by Dr. Seiji Sato, a Japanese dentist, originally to treat his patients with TMJ problem. One of its unique concepts is “Do not push, massage or pulll”. This method focuses on to create aligned body, to create the body that lymphatic fluid runs throughout inside of the body smoothly rather than creating lymphatic fluid flow by force.
You will notice how your body is relaxed and rejuvenated just by applying gentle touch and some easy movements.
You will leave the room with new knowledge, skills and new look toward yourself, life and the world!

This workshop is for those who:

~March 18th: Upper Body Care~
Would like to have more flexibility in your neck and shoulders
Would like to be able to smile without feeling facial tension
Would like to remove wrinkles naturally
Would like to have long beautiful neck
Would like to be able to open your mouth wider without feeling pain in your jaw or TMJ

~March 25th: Lower Body Care~
Would like to improve their pain in their back or legs
Would like to increase their mobility
Would like to improve their physical function (being able to run faster, jump higher, improving instantaneous force)
Would like to feel balanced body when standing or sitting
Would like to have better breathing pattern

You Might Experience those from this workshop
* Muscle release and relaxation
* Easier breathing
* More natural smile
* Clear mind and thinking
* Better or Balanced posture
* Enthusiasm to Life and living your life
And much more!

$55/person for each workshop
$100/person for 2 workshops
As this workshop is a small group intimate setting, registration is required.

Sage Lymph Care Workshop

778 316 3960


* Disclaimer
This method is not a treatment. We do not say that it works for something. If you are taking medication or are dealing with some health conditions, please consult your health care professionals.

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