Event & Workshop

Nov 2017

Nov 4, 5
Intuitive Arts Festival

Workshop: 11:30am on Sun, Nov 5th
Sage Lymph Care Method

I will bring some delicious & sweet desserts to sell at my booth too 🙂

778 316 3960


* Disclaimer
This method is not a treatment. We do not say that it works for something. If you are taking medication or are dealing with some health conditions, please consult your health care professionals.

Nov 16th, 2017

Un-cooking class with Sono!
Low Fat Raw Food
How to and what to eat raw during fall to winter time

Time: 11am-3pm

Location: Private residential area (address will be given upon registration)

Fee: $125/person

You will learn 7 dishes of low fat, body warming raw foods so you can eat during fall – winter season.
Samples and recipe packet will be given to you.

Past Event/Workshop