Subconscious Mind Repair & Transformation

Isirs 33 Method ®︎

Isiris 33 Method ®︎ is a healing method and it is to repair and transform your subconscious mind. This method is originated in Japan.

“Isi” represents “will”, “consciousness”, “intent”.

“Ri” means “circling energy”, “to return”, “go back”, “transfer” etc.

“S” means “consolidate”, “unify”, “merge”, “gather” etc.

“Isiris” will help your consciousness return to the original state, true self.

It also helps you live your fullest potential.

Imagine that you live with focused mind (no destruction), no fear or stress and live lively, joyfully, lovingly and harmoniously.

Subsoncsious mind is considered to be 97-99% of whole consciousness.

Subconscious mind is what you cannot think as it is unconscious!

For example, if you carry a thought pattern, “I cannot be healed”, what do you think your health would be?

If you carry a thought pattern, “I am not worthy”, what do you think your life, relationship would be?

With “Isiris 33 Method ®︎”, your reality will change as mine did.

In-person, video and e-mail session are available.


In-person and Video Session

$50 / 45 min
$65 / 60 min

E-mail session

$33 / question (one layer of thought pattern will be changed)

For trauma healing
+ $30 to work 3 more layers in 1 question

Payment Method

*Paypal (Transaction Fee will be added)

*E-transfer (Canadian resident)

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