Medicinal Aromatherapy


In this in-person session, I introduce essences that will help you heal yourself or that you are focusing on to improve your quality of life.  I will teach you how to use essences as well. It is so fun to share how to use them!

Aroma Meditation

In this session, you will choose 1-3 kinds of essences. Then, applying them wherever you are called to do and we are going to do meditation.
In-person, video session available.

* Prior to our video session, I will send you 3 kinds of 2ml essences. Please allow yourself 1-2 weeks until your Aroma Meditation begins.

Styles of meditation we use

  • Sitting silent
  • Shaking / Dancing
  • Drawing
  • Breathing
  • Heart Meditation

About the Essence

I use essences from WOTE (Wisdom of The Earth).

It is located near Sedona, AZ, carrying over 260 kinds of only single essences.

Essences are respected individually. They are poured into an each bottle while chanting and being prayed.

I have tried different types of essential oils (WOTE calls them “essence”) and did not find that I loved. Then, with coincidence, when I watched someone’s youtube channel, he was talking about WOTE. I checked the information, ordered aroma kit. When they arrived, I fell in love instantly! They just started talking to me, where to put, how many drops to use. Since I had not had this type of experience, I astonished, yet, I was convinced that I was guided to meet WOTE and to use those beautiful essences.

I am so blessed to be able to use this beauty every single day. And it is my honour to share joy of using WOTE essences.

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