Energy Healing

This is a simple, yet very powerful energy work to accelerate your self-healing.
I will lightly place my hands on your body to assist re-moving the energetic blocks, aligning your energetic body,
chakras and bring you to deeply relaxed state. It will help in locating the root cause of your pain, aches and other
health concerns. Your buried emotional experiences could be the root cause of your discomfort. Different types of techniques such as breathing, toning, crystals, Angelic Reiki®, cord cutting are used. I invite intuitive guidance for my clients, that will be shared during the session when appropriate.
Sono is also a trained Medical Intuitive.

In-person and distant healing sessions available

Introductory 1 Hour Session – $55

Energy Healing Session
Single session(1hr) – $130
3 sessions – $330 (save $20) 
5 sessions – $440 (save $42)