Energy Healing

This is very powerful work to accelerate your self-healing. I will lightly place my hands (when in-person session) on your body where I am guided to do to assist moving energetic blocks, aligning your energetic body, balancing chakras and bringing you to deeper relaxed state.

I work with the Universal Energy, Archangels and Ascended Masters and invite intuitive guidance for you. It will be shared during the session when appropriate. Sono has been trained as a Medical Intuitive too.

For those who experience

  • Physical Pain
  • Prolonged / Chronic Dis-ease or Illnesses
  • Want to feel ease and grace being in your body
  • Want to be able to feel Love within yourself
  • Want to know how to heal yourself

In-person and distant healing sessions available


Introductory 1 Hour Session $60

Single Session (1hr)  $111
3 sessions  $333
5 sessions  $444

Payment method
Paypal and E-transfer (For Canadian residents)

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