unnamedSONO has been passionate about health since she was a child, as she was raised in an environment where conventional medicine was practiced. For several years in her twenties she worked in conventional hospital settings. During that time she experienced chronic physical health issues. Alongside these she led a very stressful and busy lifestyle. She did not have much time to simply enjoy her life. Furthermore, she became emotionally and physically numb. She became exhausted in life.

Through her experience in the conventional health field, she did not like the idea of taking pharmaceutical medication continuously as she experienced many side effects that far outweighed the benefits. She began to try different types of nature healing modalities such as massage and chiropractic treatments to ease her symptoms. Although these proved to be affective, she noticed that they offered only temporary relief. These experiences led her to choose a different life. This included moving to a foreign country, a dream she’d had since she was a child.

After moving to Canada, it took some time to adjust to her new environment. She started to learn and study different types of healing modalities including nutrition. Although it was challenging to adjust to the changes, she kept applying new healing modalities that she thought would work. By learning hands on healing and changing her diet and lifestyle on going basis, her life started to shift sometimes gradually, and other times dramatically. Soon, she discovered that she was what is called an Empath.

Empaths are extremely sensitive to all energies, often making it difficult to be in society. After some time she realised that this was a gift when proper care is taken. This led her to study intuition which opened the door to communicating with Angels and other light beings.

From here, she was inspired by many teachers in Canada, she started sharing how to become healthier through food to begin with. She focuses on working with women to help them live who they are and enjoy their life fully.

Sono loves going to nature, gardening and spending time many hours in the kitchen for her creative work. She is proud introvert and enjoys her restorative alone time by reading books, walking in nature and communicating with animals. She is a cat lover.


  • Living On Live Food Teacher Trainig from Alissa Cohen
  • Raw Live Food Chef Training with Bruce Horowitz
  • Medical Intuition
  • Traditional Thai Massage
  • Angelic Reiki Teacher, Master Level
  • Holistic Health Mastery with Ronnie Landis
  • Sage Lymph Care Method, Self Care Instructor
  • And I also keep learning from various amazing teachers that I respect of.

with Love and Laughter