Hello, my name is Sono.
Thank you for visiting here.
I have been involved with health care industry since I was little as I grew up where conventional medicine was practiced. With the influence, I became interested in health naturally. For several years in my twenties, I worked in the hospital settings. During that time, I experienced chronic physical health issues. Alongside these, I led a very stressful and busy lifestyle. I did not have much time to simply enjoy my life. Furthermore, I became emotionally and physically numb. I was exhausted in life. 

Through my work experience in the conventional health care field, I did not like the idea of taking pharmaceutical medication continuously as I experienced side effects that far outweighed the benefits knowing it has its own role. I began to try different types of natural healing modalities such as massage and chiropractic treatments to ease my symptoms. Although these proved to be effective, I noticed that they offered only temporal relief. These experiences led me to choose a different life. This included moving to a foreign country, a dream that I have had since I was a child.

After moving to Canada, it took some time to adjust to my new environment. I started to learn and study different types of healing modalities including nutrition. Although it was challenging to adjust to the changes, I kept applying new healing modalities that I thought would work. By learning hands-on healing and changing my diet and lifestyle ongoing basis, at one point, I had knowing that my health and life was getting better.

Meanwhile, I discovered that I was what is called an Empath. Empaths are extremely sensitive to all energies, often making it difficult to be in society. After some time I realized that this was a gift when proper care was taken. This led me to study intuition which opened the door to communicating with Archangels, Ascended Masters and other light beings.

From here, I was inspired by many teachers in Canada. I started sharing how to become healthier through food to begin with. I focused on working with women to empower them to live who they are and enjoy their life fully.

I love going to nature, gardening and spending time many hours in the kitchen as my creative work. I enjoy my restorative alone time by reading books, walking in nature and communicating with animals.
I am animal lovers 🙂


  • Living On Live Food Teacher Trainig from Alissa Cohen
  • Live Food Chef Training with Bruce Horowitz
  • Medical Intuition
  • Traditional Thai Massage
  • Angelic Reiki Teacher, Master Level
  • Holistic Health Mastery with Ronnie Landis
  • Sage Lymph Care Method, Self Care Master
  • Isiris 33 Method (Repairing and changing subconscious mind)

With Love and Laughter 

Sono Ray