Dear Beautiful You,

My name is Sono (as of now).

I would like to say a big “Thank You!” for coming to this page. God, the Universe has brought you here.

I would like to share my story with you so you know where I was, where I am and why I am offering what I do.

I was working as a family physician, geriatrics and rehabilitation doctor in Japan. While I was in a medical school, I was introduced to “Homeopathy” through its book and by a Japanese homeopath, Torako Yui. The concept that our body could heal without using “pharmaceutical drugs” was a huge shock to me and I thought of quitting a medical school. Since then, I started to open my eyes for natural therapies, such as flower essences and reflexology. Also I discovered about Naturopathy.

I chose to stay in the Medical University and graduated from it. I started working as a medical doctor. Then, I gradually became depressed or it surfaced. I started to ask myself,  “How would I like to live the only life?”.  After contemplating it with five year practice, I decided to live in a foreign country, which had been one of my dreams from my childhood. I chose Canada as my second life.

Even after moving to Canada, I still had passion to become a medical doctor. I studied to pass a few tests to obtain an internship position. However, despite of my own will / desire, I experienced physical conditions, which I decided to stop studying and pursuing its career and focused on my own healing. I was introduced to bodywork, energy work, yoga etc. I did not want to take medications.  And I knew that I had to heal myself with natural healing modalities. At the same time, organic eating, raw living foods, juicing, detox・cleansing etc. were also introduced into my life.

Then something happened to me.

When I was making my own juices, raw living foods, I became very creative and felt “Joy” for the first time in my life. Following my heart, I started working at a few organic vegan cafes in Vancouver.

I really enjoyed those days. However, I was so naive and sensitive to work with and be with different types of people and work that was supposed to be “fun” for me became stressful and eventually, I burned out.

It’s been said that “You Are What You Eat”, which I find that it is true. But, through my burnt out experience, I understood that “What You Eat” includes what you think, see, absorb etc everything… So, I studied meditation, how my mind-body works, how to repair, rewrite, transform my subconscious mind as well. Then, deeper shifts from the core were experienced.

Now, using knowledge of western medicine combining with what I have learned since I moved to Canada, I teach women and conscious men how to heal themselves from their own dis-ease and I would like to see them pass the knowledge to others.

My vision is to see each person cares for Nature, loves themselves completely and lives in harmony.

I hold workshops, women’s retreats, catering in North America and other countries. I help those who come into my life become more conscious and open their own heart. I help connect people to people, and people to Nature.

With Love, Gratitude and Laughter 

Sono Ray
Healer・Holistic Therapist・Holistic Vegetarian Chef


Mind Body Spirit Medicine studied with Dr. Divi (MD)
Certified Mind Over Medicine Practitioner by Dr. Lissa Rankin (MD)
Living On Live Food Teacher Trainig from Alissa Cohen
Traditional Thai Massage Certificate
Angelic Reiki Teacher, Master Level
Holistic Health Mastery with Ronnie Landis
Sage Lymph Care Method, Self Care Master
Isiris 33 Method Teacher (Repairing and changing subconscious mind)
M.D. (Japan)